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Rio January bowl


Creil and Montereau bowl

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Creil and Montereau bowl stamped Rio de Janvier

Diameter 19cm

Width from handle to handle 22 cm


Some information on the Faïencerie de Creil et Montereau taken from an article in the Drouot gazette

The history of the Creil et Montereau factory is intertwined with that of two rivals who chose to unite on April 1, 1840, through the director of Creil, Saint-Cricq-Casaux, faithful to a policy of bringing together since 1819. After years of rivalry, during the exhibitions of industrial products in particular where the two establishments are in competition, Creil and Montereau now form a single company where any manufacturing secret no longer has any reason to to be.
The eldest, Montereau, was founded in 1745: François Mazois, associated with Jacques Capelle, founded this factory with the aim of competing with the famous English earthenware known as Queens'ware. In 1775, it took the title of "queen's factory", an appellation which gave its name to the famous "herbalized" painted decoration known as "mourning for the queen", between 1803 and 1804. The youngest, Creil, was created in 1774 thanks to the Englishman Stone and Coquerel. Under the direction of Saint-Cricq-Casaux, she rose to center stage with, among her followers, the Duchess of Angoulême in person. In 1819, she obtained a silver medal and, a few years later, won gold. In 1840, the two rivals united for better or for worse... the best until 1895. Under the name Lebeuf, Milliet et Cie, the factory won numerous prizes, a gold medal in 1864 and in 1867 and nothing less than a quotation in Flaubert's Sentimental Education. The worst comes with the abolition of Creil and the transfer of all activities to Montereau, the Creil et Montereau appellation will be maintained. The year 1895 also marks the beginning of the decline with little renewed production.

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