Vintage tableware

This is how it happened

I started an instagram account for my plates and tableware from my personal collection. I turned out that people liked them, and were constantly asking if they were for sale. So they ended being!

Who is Tata Faience?

Badonviller, Moulin des Loups, Sarreguemines, Boulenger… Since my childhood, I have been fond of grandmother's dishes, the old-fashioned poetry of iron lands and earthenware from the past, their sometimes poetic, romantic or naive motifs. In my opinion, they evoke a certain tranquility and sweetness of life, but also the pleasure of receiving guests in a more personal and charming way. I have decided to share with you my finds and my collections, amassed over 25 years, which I store between Paris and the generous countryside of southwestern France. I also work with hotels and restaurants, which I supply with vintage tableware, according to their requirements: 19th century iron clay but also Vallauris or modernist ceramics. Quote on request.

What is Ironstone?

It is a fine white earthenware obtained by adding Kaolin (a refractory white clay baking at high temperature) to the paste at a level of 25%. The names "half-porcelain" and "opaque porcelain" refer to the same product


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